How to convert ACSM to ePub

“I paid for an ebook in the .acsm ( Adobe Digital Edition) format and did read it very well and it wont load into my Sony reader as I only have the 500 not the new one. Is there any way to change the file format to .epub??? Because I would really like to read this book.” —- From Adobe Digital Editions Forums.

Actually, the .acsm file isn’t the book – it a purchase ticket that allows you to download the book. ACSM stands for Adobe Content Server Message. The acsm files can be open in Adobe Digital Editions. If you have a Sony PRS 500 then you are out of luck. But the Sony PRS 505 will read them.

So it is not right to say to “convert acsm to ePub” because ACSM is not an eBook format, you don’t need to “convert” it to any eBook format. Just open the ACSM file with Adobe Digital Editions, ADE will download the real ePub book to My Digital Editions.

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